Review of Bloodsuckers Slot Machine

Bloodsuckers slot Review

Updated: 2024.02.29

Brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the realm of dark magic and enigmatic beings with the Bloodsuckers casino project. Each spinning reel in Bloodsuckers slots transports you to a gloomy and mystical vampire world, where ancient legends come alive. In this slot, available at Bloodsuckers casino, not only does the frighteningly beautiful graphics and ambiance await but also plenty of chances to win. Are you ready to challenge the dark forces and outplay the vampires? Enter the world of Bloodsuckers, where each spin might bring not only a chill to the skin but also impressive prizes.

Bloodsuckers by NetEnt: Secrets of the Night Come Alive!

Bloodsuckers, crafted by the world-renowned NetEnt in 2017, is an enthralling slot that delves online casinos users into the dark and mysterious world of vampires. This slot merges mystical themes with intriguing gameplay features. But what sets Bloodsuckers apart?

A key aspect is Bloodsuckers RTP, standing at a high 98%, providing gamblers with one of the highest return rates among online slots. The medium volatility of this slot promises balanced and regular payouts, making it suitable for both short and long gaming sessions. The gaming field consists of a 5x3 layout with 25 paylines, offering multiple opportunities for forming winning combinations. The design elements and symbols of Bloodsuckers slots Machine fully correspond to the vampire theme, adding a special atmosphere and depth to the game.

Provider: NetEnt
Slot Name: Bloodsuckers
No of Reels: 5
No of Paylines: 25
Min. Bet: $0.25
Max. Bet: $50
Max. Payout: 1014.6x
RTP: 98%
Auto Spins: Yes

Icons and Bonuses of the Slot Machine

The Bloodsuckers game, developed by NetEnt, immerses casino users in a mystical world of vampires, full of dark riddles and generous payouts. This game combines a gloomy atmosphere with exciting gameplay features.

Standard Symbols

Bloodsuckers slots

Bloodsuckers game

Wild (Vampire Biting Victim)

Wild feature in the game: Replaces other icons to form prize chains, increasing the chances of a big win. It substitutes standard symbols but doesn’t affect Scatter and Bonus.

Scatter (Dead Bride)

  • Payouts for Scatter symbols: The dead bride symbol serves as the scatter in Bloodsuckers. Two such symbols guarantee a payout double the bet. Three scatters increase the payout fourfold, four – twenty-fivefold, and five – a hundredfold.
  • Activation of Free Spins: Three or more scatters activate 10 free spins, during which all payouts are tripled.

Bonus Symbol (Wooden Stake and Hammer)

  • Initiation of Bonus Game: A combination of 3, 4, or 5 wooden stake and hammer symbols activates the bonus round.
  • Vampire Hunting: In the bonus game, the casino guest is to open 12 coffins, selecting them randomly. If a vampire is found in the coffin, the gambler stakes it, receiving a fixed payout for it.
  • End of the Game: The bonus round ends when the player opens an empty coffin not containing a vampire.

With these features, Bloodsuckers casino offers players a unique blend of addictive game action and high chances of winning, making it one of the hottest hits in the Bloodsuckers online.

Bloodsuckers slot

Where to Play Bloodsuckers Casino?

Looking for a place to engage in Bloodsuckers online? Here are three outstanding trusted casinos where you can dive into the world of this mystical slot from NetEnt.


1win Casino attracts a vast assortment of sports betting and casino projects, including Bloodsuckers. Here you are greeted with impressive bonuses, including up to 500% on the first four deposits. With over 20 bonuses and hidden vouchers on social networks, these generous bonuses significantly increase your chances of success, especially in games like Bloodsuckers game. 1win also stands out for its ease of use and convenience, ensuring a comfortable playing practice.

William Hill

William Hill is known as one of the most reliable and oldest casinos, offering a splendid game choice, including Bloodsuckers online. Apart from various bonus offers and promotions, William Hill is famous for its high-quality client care and safe gambling environment, making it an excellent choice for fans of Bloodsuckers. Experience the promotions of the establishment today.


VBet Casino stands out with a variety of casino projects and generous entrance prizes, aiding gamblers in enhancing their chances in Bloodsuckers game. Additionally, VBet offers various shares and a loyalty program, adding extra benefits to the gaming process.

Each of these mobile casinos provides unique advantages for playing Bloodsuckers online. Choose the casino that suits your preferences and enjoy an exciting game in one of NetEnt’s most popular slots.

What You Need to Know About Bloodsuckers Slot?

Bloodsuckers is rightfully considered one of the best slots with a vampiric theme. The game captivates with its dark yet stylish design and fascinating bonus system. The high RTP makes this slot particularly appealing for gamblers seeking both entertainment and good chances of winning. Intriguing symbols, impressive graphics, and sound effects make each spin in the Bloodsuckers game thrilling and unforgettable.


What is the Theme of the Bloodsuckers casino project?

Bloodsuckers by NetEnt features a unique theme dedicated to the world of vampires and Gothic mystique. In this slot, players dive into an atmosphere of ancient castles, dark streets, and terrifying creatures. The game combines elements of horror and adventure, making each spin tense and exciting.

What Unique Bonuses Can Players Find in Bloodsuckers?

Bloodsuckers entices with a variety of captivating bonus elements. A prime highlight is its free spins phase, initiated by the appearance of scatter icons. In this segment, every winning is enhanced, being tripled in value. Additionally, the distinct «Vampire Hunting» bonus game adds an element of adventure. Here, players engage in unveiling coffins to eradicate vampires, earning prizes for each successful hunt.

Is a Free Play Version of Bloodsuckers Slot Accessible?

Certainly, numerous online gaming platforms enable you to experience Bloodsuckers in a trial version. This mode is ideal for acquainting oneself with the gameplay nuances and unique attributes of the slot, all while bypassing the chance of monetary loss. Engaging with the demo variant serves as a valuable approach to comprehensively understand the game’s bonus aspects and devise effective strategies prior to real-money play.

Does Bloodsuckers Support Gameplay on Mobile Devices?

Indeed, Bloodsuckers boasts full customization for portable gaming. This adjustment ensures that players can relish the full spectrum of the slot’s characteristics and possibilities of victory on their mobile devices, be it through dedicated casino apps or web browsers. The mobile adaptation of Bloodsuckers maintains the captivating background consistent with its tabletop version, ensuring a seamless gaming journey across various devices.