Jack and the Beanstalk slot

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Review

Updated: 2024.02.29

Now we’ll talk about the smash song that has been a top position for more than ten years! It is because of NetEnt’s methodical approach that something remarkable was created. Meet the slot machine known as Jack and the Beanstalk, which is currently in its second or third year of existence.

Provider: NetEnt
Slot Name: Jack and the Beanstalk
No of Reels: 5
No of Paylines: 20
Min. Bet: €2
Max. Bet: €100
Max. Payout: 60,000 coins
RTP: 96.3%
Auto Spins: Yes

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot Description

NetEnt created the one of the first game known as Jack and the Beanstalk slot. The supplier has been one of the most outstanding figures in the iGaming industry for many years, providing high-quality software with impressive results. Of again, when compared to analogs from recent years, this copy may not appear all that contemporary. But despite the number of slots with complete 3D visuals, bizarre narratives, and complex gameplay, the highest quality enables the Jack and the Beanstalk game to stay among the most well-known blockbusters. Keep in mind that this slot machine’s initial release at UK casinos online was in 2011!

jack and the beanstalk free spins

But a few years ago, NetEnt gave its previous blockbuster a facelift. The jack and the beanstalk slot game now has a more contemporary design and 3D elements. Additionally, you may find this version at online casinos with the prefix «Remastered». Be aware that both versions still have a 96.3% return rate!

Symbols and Payouts of Jack and the Beanstalk

Many jack and the beanstalk reviews emphasize the successful combination of the number of winning lines and symbols in this slot. Thus, the gambler can count on winning when making a combination in one of the 20 rows. In total, the following symbols are available:

  • 5 standard symbols depicting letters and numbers;
  • 5 special symbols with increased multiplier bet in the style of the fairy tale;
  • 4 wild symbols with a bright red background - all of them appear randomly and move to the left side of the reels each re-spin. All wins in these rounds are totaled.

Wild symbols

In the famous drama Jack and the Beanstalk play, wild symbols are at their core. In other words, they take the place of the regular cells, enabling the player to typically create a winning combination. Additionally, they raise the multiplier and have the power to turn on the game’s Walking Wild function. In this mode, the symbol rotates automatically with each movement as it advances from right to left. Any combination is, incidentally, increased by x3!


Jack and the beanstalk trusted casino offers only one scatter - the symbol of a treasure chest. But it is he who activates the option with the accrual of freespins! In total, the player can earn a fixed number of free attempts - 10 pieces per combination.

Additional features of the slot

jack and the beanstalk reviews

Multifunctional Wild Symbols

Keys will also regularly appear on the reels. If you collect them in the right amount you can activate unique events. For example:

  • Get three keys to make the Money Bags symbol appear on the playing field.
  • Get six keys to make the Golden Hens symbol appear on the reels.
  • Get nine keys and enjoy the Golden Harp wild symbol. This is the most profitable option, because the Wild fills the entire reels when it appears and moves to each of them every respin!

Demo version

The online casino jack and the beanstalk review is often praised for its flexibility and accessibility for beginners. And this is emphasized by the developers’ commitment to provide an introductory version for gamblers for free. Demo version does not differ in its functionality from the original version!

General design Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

All versions of jack and the beanstalk games have the same design. Developers have presented gamblers fairy-tale atmosphere, which is directly borrowed from the eponymous work of the Brothers Grimm. All symbols are stylized under the famous characters. Bright design will not bore even the most demanding gamblers! And the Remastered version has even more memorable animation and additional visual effects.

How to win in Jack and the Beanstalk?

Win in the slot machine is very easy, because it is a classic version of the familiar software. A wide range of bets, as well as the opportunity to earn in jack and the beanstalk free spins allows you to play according to your preferences. It is also worth noting the high payoff slot machine, which even after more than 10 years impose competition to younger counterparts.


Can jack and the beanstalk slot be launched on a mobile device through the casino app?

Jack and the beanstalk can be launched either on the official website of the online casino, or through the corresponding mobile application. However, it is worth noting that the Remastered version is better suited for modern gamblers. This version has more colorful visuals while retaining the former charm!

How to change the currency in jack and the beanstalk slot settings to any other currency?

Change the currency in jack and the beanstalk slot manually is impossible. All manipulations are carried out automatically according to the selected currency in the online casino itself. In some cases, it is possible to change the format of the display of bets - in virtual coins or real money. Payouts are carried out automatically.

Are both versions of jack and the beanstalk slots equally profitable for the player?

Both versions of jack and the beanstalk slots are equally beneficial for players. They differ from each other only visual component. So, slot machine with the prefix Remastered has more advanced graphics and animation. Symbols are unchanged, and the return rate remains at the same level - 96.3%.

Can jack and the beanstalk game run in automatic mode?

Jack and the beanstalk game can be configured so that the gameplay is carried out automatically without the participation of the gambler. That is, you can set a certain number of spins, as well as set a suitable rate. Stop the process is carried out at the touch of a button.