Tomb Raider Slot Machine: Lara Croft's Adventures Unleashed

Tomb Raider Slot Review

Updated: 2024.04.11

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Tomb Raider slot machine, where each spin unveils the mysteries of ancient tombs. This slot immerses fans of archaeology into a world filled with enigmas and treasures. The slot Tomb Raider in online casino amplifies your chances for substantial wins with its unique bonuses. Venture into forgotten temples and hidden recesses in search of ancient relics. Vivid graphics and animation transport you into the heart of adventures. Are you ready to unveil the secrets hidden by Lara Croft and enrich yourself?

Tomb Raider Slot: Daring Adventures with Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Slot, crafted by Microgaming and launched during the era when video games began to captivate the world, offers you a dive into Lara Croft’s legendary adventures. The game masterfully merges the theme of ancient Greek mythology with advanced gaming features, enriching every moment with unique excitement and winning opportunities.

Provider: Microgaming
Slot Name: Tomb Raider
No of Reels: 5
No of Paylines: 15
Min. Bet: 0.3€
Max. Bet: 75€
Max. Payout: 500x
RTP: 96.56%
Auto Spins: Yes

With Tomb Raider slot game, you embark on a quest for ancient artifacts, boasting an RTP of 96.56% and medium volatility. This setup not only promises a thrilling adventure but also impressive rewards. The game layout features 5 reels and 15 win lines, inviting you to explore mysterious locations with the most renowned Tomb Raider.

Prepare for encounters in Tomb Raider slot, where each spin is a chance to decipher the secrets of ancient civilizations and win grand prizes.

Icons, Payouts, and Bonuses in Tomb Raider Slot Machine

Tomb Raider slot machine by Microgaming invites participants on a fascinating journey alongside Lara Croft. This game doesn’t just offer a dynamic theme of adventure but also the chance for generous payouts for combinations of unique symbols. Players can look forward to rewards ranging from basic card symbols to more valuable images related to the heroine’s story.

Basic game icons

Tomb Raider slot

Bonus icons and features

  • Wild: Lara Croft’s image acts as a wild symbol in slot Tomb Raider, substituting other icons to form winning combinations.
  • Scatter: The Tomb Raider logo acts as a scatter, when three or more appear on the reels, it initiates a bonus round of free spins.
  • Bonus Round: Finding three or more idol icons on an active line triggers a bonus game, where users choose statues to reveal hidden prizes.
  • Free Spins: All wins are tripled during the free spins round, and the feature can be reactivated if three or more scatter icons reappear on the reels.

Each detail in Tomb Raider slot machine is crafted to plunge users into an atmosphere of adventure and offer a chance at large wins through a variety of bonus features and special icons. Get ready for an exhilarating journey in search of ancient treasures alongside the legendary Tomb Raider.

Where to Play Tomb Raider?

Dive into ancient adventures at 1win, Yako, and PlayOJO, where the captivating Tomb Raider slot is available. Each of these top casinos offers unique advantages to enhance your gaming experience and increase your winning potential.

Slot Tomb Raider


1win stands out with its extensive selection of games, including Tomb Raider slot machine, enhanced by bonuses up to 500% over the first four deposits. Additionally, 1win offers a cashback option of up to 30% and boasts more than 20 ongoing promotions, enriching your gaming experience. The casino also frequently gives out free game vouchers on social media, significantly boosting your chances of victory. Coupled with its ease of use, 1win provides an ideal venue for slot aficionados.


Yako Casino welcomes you into the vibrant world of slots, offering over 100 free spins and a diverse game selection. With a generous welcome bonus and various promotions, Yako stands out as a splendid choice for those seeking a high-quality gaming experience. Its intuitive interface and broad entertainment options cater to all players.


PlayOJO is known for its fair bonus terms with zero wagering requirements, making it an ideal place to enjoy Tomb Raider slot game. With a wide range of games from leading developers and unique promotional offers, PlayOJO enriches your gaming journey and increases the chances for significant wins.

Choosing between 1win, Yako, and PlayOJO to play Tomb Raider, consider your gameplay preferences and bonus interests. Each casino offers a premium gaming experience and excellent opportunities for victory, promising unforgettable adventures with the legendary Lara Croft.

It’s important to know about the casino project

It’s essential to recognize that the Tomb Raider game not only recreates the atmosphere of the famous series about Lara Croft’s adventures but also provides players with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of archaeological explorations and treasure hunts. The bonus features and unique emblems on this slot machine set it apart and add to the thrilling gameplay. Furthermore, the Tomb Raider slot machine is praised for its music and visual design, which immerse players in the centre of the experience. The game is ideal for fans of the series as well as those looking for a unique atmosphere in addition to winnings.


What sets the Tomb Raider slot apart within its category?

The Tomb Raider slot game distinguishes itself with a captivating plot that mirrors the renowned video game saga. Integrating thrilling adventure themes with abundant, engaging bonus features such as gratis spins and a distinctive tomb bonus phase, this slot captures the essence of Lara Croft’s thrilling expeditions, complemented by rewarding game mechanics.

Is it possible to experience the Tomb Raider slot without wagering actual cash?

Indeed, aficionados can venture into Lara Croft’s escapades via the Tomb Raider slot demo. This option permits an in-depth examination of the slot’s dynamics and exceptional attributes sans financial investment, offering a secure method to familiarize with its extensive features and narrative.

What exclusive bonuses does the Tomb Raider slot offer?

Packed with captivating bonuses, the Tomb Raider slot includes a free spins feature activated by amassing three or more Lara Croft icons, enhancing potential wins. The game’s signature Tomb Bonus, a select-and-win scenario involving ancient relics, adds a layer of excitement and opportunity for significant gains, enriching the overall engagement and reward potential.

How does the thematic composition of the Tomb Raider slot elevate the gaming experience?

The thematic construct of the Tomb Raider slot meticulously immerses gamers in Lara Croft’s realm of mysterious locales and ancient relics. Through meticulously designed symbols, such as age-old idols and Lara’s signature dual firearms, coupled with an evocative musical score, the slot excels in crafting an absorbing and immersive milieu. This enriches the gaming journey, seamlessly merging the realms of slot play and adventure narration.